Maria (I Like It Loud) – Scooter

Maria (I Like It Loud) by Scooter.


Week of March 2nd to March 9, 2019

Cruise Week on the MSC Seaside Cruise Ship ⛴

March 2nd, 2019

International Rescue Cat Day

While on a excursion in San Juan, Puerto Rico coffee tour in the evening, first stop was the Zombie Coffee which served the group of about 30 people ice cold coffee. This cold ice coffee is better than the Tim Hortons ice cappuccino back home in Canada, it doesn’t have that heavy cream taste that upset your stomach if your lactose intolerance like myself, they use yogurt instead.

I didn’t walk out like a zombie after having that ice coffee but while walking the streets from one coffee shop to another and learning the history of the town and the aftermath of the last hurricane, it is sad to hear that the people in the old town of Puerto Rico had no electricity power or water for up to a year. Sad 🙁

The streets of Puerto Rico, the tour lady mentioned population was at 2.5 million at one time and has gone down to 2 million after the 2 last hurricanes.

As they took time to build back up the town, alot of people had moved out or left the country.

The country depends on tourism to help stimulate the country.

Alot of U.S. and Canadian franchises has pop up in Puerto Rico like Starbucks, Subway Sub, Marshalls and many others added to the list.

We came across some stray cats in the street and the tour guide was telling the group please do not touch or feed the cats on the streets. It looks like someone needs to rescue these poor homeless cats as March 2nd called for International Rescue Cat Day. We ran into a lady on the street feeding a bunch of cats who couldn’t speak English and the tour lady was not to pleased, don’t know why because these poor cats 🐱 are starving. The cat lady did the right thing and came to the rescue to feed them, no harm in doing a great deed for homeless cats in my book. Don’t you agree?

Unknown women feeding the homeless cats on the dark street of Puerto Rico, bless her heart and the cats.

Anyways off we went to the last coffee shop before heading back to the ship as it was getting dark in Puerto Rico.

Songs of the day! 🎵

In The Dark – Billy Squier

Cat Scratch Fever – Ted Nugent

Quote of the day!

Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children- Walt Disney

Phil Lim


March 3, 2019

National Mulled Wine Day

What does Mulled Wine mean?

Mulled wine is a beverage usually made with red wine along with various mulling spices and sometimes raisins. It is served hot or warm and is alcoholic, although there are non-alcoholic versions of mulled wine.[1] It is a traditional drink during winter, especially around Christmas.[2]

Cited: Wikipedia

The MSC Seaside Cruise Ship has this stunning assortment of wine bottles displayed lighted up on the ship. Anyone care for a glass of red wine today on National Mulled Wine Day or on any day for all you wine lovers! 🍷

Here is another display of fine art of three wine glasses and a bottle of wine on the ship. Doesn’t it look elegant!

Speaking of fine art, the MSC has some awesome fine paintings auctioning off with some prices starting from $2,500/U.S. do we have any bidders out there? Lol 💲💲💲

March 3rd, is also 33 Flavors Day

33 Flavors is a day dedicated to ice cream, 🍦 on the MSC Seaside Cruise Ship you can find some amazing ice cream flavors like pistachio and cappuccino which was my two favorites at the Venchi 1878 Chocolate Bar on deck 6 along with some amazing chocolates and espresso and cappuccino ☕ drinks. Everything is charged to your room key card as they do not except cash.

Gotta love Chocolate! 🌰

So much to choose from……….

I think I’ll settle for a cappuccino

This looks so good you want to get a taste of it! Lol 😃

Chocolate fine art displays

I Want You to be Happy Day is also March 3rd.

If you want some one to be happy you should check out the price of purchasing this purse for your loved one! Lol…. Here’s what we came across in Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands at the Louis Vuitton Store.

Would make a nice birthday present! Lol

WOW! and that’s U.S. Dollars, covert that back in Canadian Dollars with tax and it will be over $2,000 now that would sure make someone happy! 😊

Remember happiness 😊 is not always a material thing, you can always make people happy without spending money! Put on Just for laughs like the crew ship did on the last day as we waited in the Metropolitan Theater on deck 6-7 prior to departure, that sure make alot of people happy and laughing! Lol 😊😀

Just being on this amazing beautiful Luxury MSC Seaside Cruise ship is enough to make anyone happy!

Songs of the Day

Red Red Wine (Remastered) – Ub40

I want you to be happier by Franklin Jame

Quote of the Day

Life’s not just being alive, but being well. – Martial

Phil Lim


March 4, is March Forth also known as Do Something Day

Being on vacation and on one of the largest Cruise Ship gives you so many choices to do something on and off the ship, you can never be bored. Did I heard Zip lining on a cruise ship? Yep the MSC has zip lining on the top of the ship deck 19 for only $10.00 but weather permitting.

My shirt says it all “Just do it”

The MSC Sports Bar Deck 8

Ready for the game with this tub of beer on ice!

The infinity Bridge deck 8 is also on this amazing ship which is a walkway out of plexiglass, don’t look down if your afraid of heights especially when the ship is sailing in the ocean, all you see is water! Reminds me of the CN tower looking down at the people that look like ants in Toronto. 😯

The Casino deck 7 on the MSC looks like the only place that takes your cash,💲💲 everywhere else on this ship doesn’t except cash when you want to buy something, it is scan to your room card and billed to your credit card on file at the end of the cruise. 🙁

Ok the first day is always the day the slots pay out to get people addicted to play all week while your on the ship. That’s just my belief, or maybe it was my lucky Jamaica coin! Lol ☘

Here is my payout, $37.20/U.S. not much but better than nothing! Lol

Another small winning of $4.10/U.S. on the last night on Friday evening! Lol

Anybody care for a game of bowling deck 7 with games arcade on the ship!

F1 Simulator deck 7

Life in the fast lane! Zoom, Zoom 🚘

DJ in action on deck above the bar

Playing some The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling (Official Video)

Some more photos of the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico on the Monday evening!

The street of the red handing umbrellas, cool for selfies!

The Flag of Puerto Rico, I had to purchased one from the gift shop before stores where closed to add to my collection of flags of all the places I have traveled. 🇵🇷

Love the ST☆R!

All photos provided by Phil Lim are subject to copyrights. Feel free to share to link back and credit to my blog and my name Phil Lim, will be acceptable.

The 2nd. Destination stop was Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands

The MSC Seaside ship looks like the Captain parked on the one way street! Lol

The Priates are out! Lol

Having fun with this! Lol

After all the walking and no Starbucks or Tim Horton’s coffee we came across some Bad Ass coffee, man that was some good badass coffee! Lol

Had to buy this Badass coffee mug!

Found some chickens on the street.

3rd, Stop over is St. Maarten

Did you know there is two sides of St. Maarter

One side is the Dutch and the other is French

Population of 48,000 on the Dutch St. Maarter and 39,000 the French St. Maarter

Average temperature is 80of (27°C)

St. Maarter A Walk Around Philipsburg for more information.

Song of the Day 🎵

A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton

Crossfire – Hot Hot Hot Featuring Elephant Man

Quote of the Day 🤔

We live in a wonderful World that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventure that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. – Jawaharlal Nehru

Phil Lim


March 5, is International Pancake Day and Cinco de Marcho

You can never have enough pancakes at the morning buffet or at the Seashore Restaurant on deck 5 on the Cruise Ship. It is also National Pancake Week so pancakes anyday of the week is fine with me….

Here are the 10 of the best Pancake recipes by Great British Chefs

With so many food choices, one day I had the pancakes on the buffet and the other day enjoying the French toast with berries and Nutella in the Restaurant. Yummy yummy! 🤗

The MSC Seaside Ship has so many drinks to choose from, on this day why not enjoy a Cinco de Marcho drink at the bar! 😉 Cheers, 🥂

Here are 27 Cinco de Marcho drink recipes you must check out!

You can never run dry on a hot sunny day with a bar like this! Lol 🤣

Song of the Day

Come Sail Away – Styx (Lyrics)

I’m Okay Drinking Rub & Redbull (Official Music Video) Beenie Man Feat. Fambo

Quote of the day

Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream. Khalil Gibran

Cheers 🥂

Phil Lim


March 6, is National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day and Stop Bad Service Day

I decided to skip the cheesecakes on the cruise and went for something different that my server recommended for dessert. Great choices, I wish I remembered what the names were that my server recommended. Anyways desserts all taste great when your hungry.

Here is a Contest-Winning White Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

The theme for the evening was to wear anything white, that I can do since it is National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day! Lol 🍰

This dessert filled with ice cream in the inside

Songs of the Day

Love this song by Dawin – Dessert (Official Music Video) ft. Silentó”ŕ on YouTube

March 6, is also Stop Bad Service Day

While dining at the Ipanema Restuarant every day during the 7 day cruise on deck 6, we had an amazing service, our server was on the ball every day and we had no issues at all, he put a stop to bad service day every day! 👍👏

BAD ~ Michael Jackson (Official Video)

Speaking of M.J., the last night was a Thriller of a show of Michael Jackson musical theater on the MSC SEASIDE CRUISE. 🕺🏿✋🏾

Quote of the Day

The greatest thing in the World is to know how to be oneself. Montagne


Phil Lim


March 7, is National Cereal Day and National Crown Roast of Pork Day!

Anyone care for cereal on a Cruise ship? Not much of a selection compare to the Norwegian

Some people like their cereal and some people like their hot breakfast in the morning, I guess depends on your mood in the morning or what looks good on the buffet. How about some pork bacon to start your day off before going to the gym deck 8 or playing basketball outdoor on the top of the ship deck 20, if it doesn’t rain.

We got rain on Thursday while were in the sea cruising to the last destination to the Bahamas for the Friday.

Well its National Crown Roast of Pork Day and my dinner selection from the menu was Prime Rib of Beef, close enough! Lol

Check out this Pork Crown Roast with Cranberry Rosemary and Balsamic Recipe

Song of the Day

Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough (Official Video)

A Sky Full Of Stars (Official Video) Coldplay

Quote of the day

Of the blessings set before you make your choice, and be content. Samuel Johnson


Phil Lim


March 8, is International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day to all the ladies around the World.

International Women’s Day

Wikipedia – International Women’s Day

A good day to relax on the ship balcony and enjoy the view while reading a good book!

For Women or anyone who want financial freedom read this book by Joey Ragona How to win at Real Estate to Break the Freedom Barrier

Buy it here on Amazon

On this day on the cruise ship the theme for the evening was to dress in a pirate outfit.

Songs of the Day

Miss independent ~ Ne-Yo

Girls Have Fun ~ Feat G-Eazy & Rich the Kid

Quote of the day

Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back. Babe Ruth


Phil Lim


March 9, is Get Over It Day

The last destination is Nassau Bahamas and doing some shopping on a nice sunny day!

The beach was about a 15 minutes walk without any changing or washrooms I was told from one of our group members. Keep on shopping! Lol

Clear the way Limousine coming through…….

Gotta love there police uniform, must be hot for them to wear in the heat.

Oh boy! Someone has my number! Lol

The pirates museum

Car steering wheel on right side in there country. We the North 🇨🇦 on the left!

Peaceful street!

Anyone called for a ride with horse taxi?

No problem, Love these licenses plates! Had to get some!

Time to say good bye to Bahamas!

What a view!

The last day and the 7 day Cruise vacation comes to an end! Back to Miami airport! 🤨

Flying back to the cold winter in Toronto after enjoying some sunshine down south…

Back to the cold weather covered in white snow!

It’s time to get over it since it is Get Over It Day! Lol 😉

I’m all over this, especially with this blog! 😉 Good to be home! 🇨🇦

Hope you enjoyed my blog since I haven’t been blogging for a while as life can take its turns with our health and personal life can play a part in our progress to do more but with not enough time with so many other projects to take on in life. Till next time, thanks for following and a safe journey to your next big adventure!

Note for future travelers

Protect Yourself from the Most Gross Spots in Travel | Clean Plates

Cheers, 🍻

Songs of the Day

M C Sar & The Real McCoy Another Night Club Mix

Back to Life — Soul to Soul

Quote of the Day

It is nice finding that place where you can just go and relax. Moises Arias

Thank you shout out to the Centennial College Alumni Association Board for the planning and organizing this group Cruise, happy cruising and also Happy Birthday 🎂 to everyone onboard the MSC Seaside Cruise. Thank you and don’t forget to click follow 👣 me on my blog for future postings 👀 or connect with me on Linkedin!

Cheers, 🥂

Phil Lim


The blog written and created by Phil Lim and all photos are the property of Phil Lim and may not be copy, reproduced or distributed, subject to copyrights.

All inquiries can request the permission of use of photo(s) by email to

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“The Best Is Yet To Come”

July 7, is Strawberry Sundae Day

July 7, is Strawberry Sundae Day

Quote of the Day
Describing a Sundae “…I shall remember that sundae all my life. In a sumptuous confectioner’s shop, light, airy, full of fragrance, we were served with a mountain of coffee ice cream, sprinkled with cream and scattered with walnuts, honey, peanuts, and various fruits. When I carried the first spoonful to my mouth…my taste buds experienced a violent ecstasy. A whole opera of sensation rolled off my tongue…”
Henri Troyat, French writer (La Case de l’oncle Sam)

Today is another hot day, the hotter it is the better the sundae melts in your mouth…. hope you have an awesome hot sundae of a day! 😜🍨

How To Make A Strawberry Sundae


How to Make Chocolate Almonds: Chocolate Dreams

Songs of the Day 🎵
That’s My Jam Strawberry Sundae

Nikki Webster-Strawberry Kisses –

Coldplay – Strawberry Swing – Coldplay Official

Closing Quote
The strawberry: “Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did.”Dr William Butler, 17th century English writer

Enjoy the weekend! 😉🍨

Phil Lim

Food and Music Blogger 

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July 6, is Fried Chicken Day

July 6, is Fried Chicken Day

Quote of the Day
“Only a rank degenerate would drive 1,500 miles across Texas without eating a chicken fried steak.”
Larry McMurtry’In a Narrow Grave: Essays on Texas’ (1968)

Homemade Original KFC Style Fried Chicken

Top 5 Fried Chicken Recipes

Best-Ever Fried Chicken Recipe

The World’s Best Fried Chicken Recipe: How To Fry Fried Chicken Wings

The Best Fried Chicken Recipe Ever?
Ed Levine

Old Fashioned Buttermilk Fried Chicken Crispy & Delicious

Songs of the Day 🎵
OITNB Chicken Rap Special

Beyoncé – Single Ladies (chicken song) артем чадов

Some people took a long weekend or the week off with the Canada Day and the U.S.A. July 4th, holidays, so o.k. it’s back to work for some of us and you may need something more upbeat to get you moving? Lets put your name on this song to move you!
Swedish House Mafia – One (Your Name)

Closing Quote
“That fellow Béchameil has all the luck!  I was serving breast of chicken á la crème more than 20 years before he was born, but I have never had the chance of giving my name to even the most modest sauce.”
Duke of 😊, 17th century

Have a great start to your day and enjoy some Fried Chicken for lunch or dinner!


Phil Lim

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May 1st, National Chocolate Parfait Day, National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day, Global Love Day & Executive Coaching Day

May 1st, is National Chocolate Parfait Day, National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day, Global Love Day & Executive Coaching Day

Quote of the Day 👀
“Spoon the sauce over the ice cream. It will harden. This is what you have been working for”.Nicholson Baker

The month of May has arrived and the first day of May we begin with these great resources……. Enjoy!

Check out these great links for May 1st. National Chocolate Parfait Day

Vegan Chocolate-Blueberry Parfait

10 Irresistible Parfait Recipes

Skinny Chocolate Pudding Parfaits

Banana Chocolate Parfaits Recipe

Chocolate Lasagna Recipe”>

Ice Cream Sundae🍧

Ice Cream Parfait Sundae 🍧Simple but Grand – Chef Cha Cha Dave’s how to make video recipe

National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day falls on the first Monday of May every year, so this year it is on May 1st, 2017.
After searching online for this holiday, there was not much about it, but this is what I found!
6 Ways Event Planners Can Attract More Revenue to Their Trade Show Read more at
Event planning checklist

Global Love Day 💖

What makes a great coach?

A Totally Free Coaching Resource

A Totally Free Coaching Resource

Articles – 20/20 Executive Coaching › artic…You are welcome to reprint the FREEarticles on this site as long as the following quotation is printed at the conclusion …

List of Free Online Coach Courses and Certificates

Songs of the Day 🎼
Ice Cream Castle – Da Infidelz

YES “The meeting” djstiv

Klymaxx – Meeting In The Ladies Room

Klymaxx – Private Party

LL Cool J – I Need Love

The Outfield – All The Love In The World

Justin Bieber – Love Yourself (PURPOSE : The Movement)

Rob Base, DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Two

Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On (feat. MØ) (Official Music Video)

Closing Quote
“Aside from the obvious chocolate cookies and ice cream, chocolate can be used in a variety of ways for desserts”
Marcus Samuelsson

Have a great yummy Chocolate Parfait with Lemonade and share the Love and Coach someone you care about! 🙂

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Phil Lim

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December 31, is National Champagne Day & New Year’s Eve

December 31, is National Champagne 🍾Day & New Year’s Eve🎉

Quote of the Day
“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into”.
Wayne Dyer – 1940-2015, Author and Speaker

It’s the last day of the year and it ends on a day of popping opening bottles of Champagne 🍾🥂 on New Year’s Eve just before the clock strikes midnight tonight! Are you ready? 🎉

Check out my music play list for your New Year’s Eve Count Down below! 🎵

Top 10 Most Expensive Champagne🍾 In The World
Luxurious Life

14 LCBO Best Sparking Wines Right Now

Top 10 Most Expensive Champagnes 2015 [HD] Scirocco The Punisher

How a Sommelier Opens a Bottle of Champagne on Oceania Cruises

Opening, Serving & Saving Champagne – Vintage Wine Estates

How to Open and Pour Champagne – Total Wine & More🍾

Avenue’s Champagne Cocktails🍹

Cocktails: Classic Champagne Cocktail – The Food Court

Champagne Cocktails🍹
THE BONNEVILLE Cocktail – Collection4,

Champagne 101: How To Drink It Like A Pro

Songs of the Day 🎵
LMFAO – Champagne Showers ft. Natalia Kills

Ne-Yo – Champagne Life

Oasis – Champagne Supernova

T-Pain – Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’) ft. Yung Joc

Phil’s New Years Eve🍾 🔝Play List Song(s) 🎵Party Picks from Dance to Rock for your Count Down in any Order🕘, Turn it UP and enjoy life! 😉 

Photo by Phil Lim 

1. LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock

2. Kool & The Gang – Celebration

3. Europe – The Final Countdown (Official Video)

4. AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long

5. Van Halen – Jump

6. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

7. Lionel Richie – All Night Long (All Night)

8. Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Official Video)

9. Shop Boyz – Party Like A Rock Star

10. Johnny Kemp – Just Got Paid

11. Tone Loc – Wild Thing

12. Young MC – Bust A Move


14. The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling

15. Loverboy – Lovin’ Every Minute Of It

16. Tiesto Traffic

17. Madonna – Holiday [Official Music Video]

18. Pharrell Williams – Happy (Official Music Video)

19. PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V

20. LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking

21. Pitbull – Don’t Stop The Party (Super Clean Version) ft. TJR

22. We Be Burning – Sean Paul (Official Video)

23. Ub40 Red Red Wine Video Oficial

24. Rita Marley – “One Draw” (Official lyric video) original 12″ mix

25. Party Shot (Official Music Video) | Dancehall | Popcaan

26. MVI 0729 “Let’s Party Like it’s 1999′ – Prince

27. Beenie Man feat. Fambo- I’m Okay/Drinking Rum & Redbull Official Music Video HD

28. Pitbull, Ne-Yo – Time Of Our Lives

29. Billy Idol – Mony Mony (Live)

30. The Cars – Good Times Roll (HQ Audio)

31. Wang Chung – Everybody Have Fun Tonight

32. Irene Cara What a Feeling

33. Vengaboys – Hot Hot Hot (Official Music Video)

34. Vengaboys We Like To Party

35. Technotronic Pump Up The Jam

36. Pitbull – Feel This Moment ft. Christina Aguilera

There are a lot more great party songs that can be added, I’m sure you can think  of a few yourself that can be added to the list, leave me a comment below on what song you would add?

Closing Quote
“Gentlemen, in the little moment that remains to us between the crisis and the catastrophe, we may as well drink a glass of Champagne.”
Paul Claudel, French writer (1868-1955)

As we say good by to 2017 & hello to 2018, I wish everyone all the best in the year of 2018. Be safe…..
A toast to the New Year for health, wealth, happiness, love, peace, prosperity and career success! 👀
Bartender, Server and Hostess Tip of the Day
If your serving, bartending or hosting a New Year’s Eve Party tonight, offer Ginger Ale soda to anyone prior to the midnight toast that are not drinking alcohol due to being the designated driver! ✔😃

Please don’t drink and drive tonight, take a cab, local transit or have a friend, family member to pick you up at the end of your night!
Cheers, 🥂

Go Canada Go🏒🍁

Phil Lim

Food and Music Blogger 

December 30, is National Bicarbonate of Soda Day, Bacon Day & No Interruptions Day

December 30, is National Bicarbonate of Soda Day, Bacon Day & No Interruptions Day

Quote of the Day
“Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day. ”
Michael Josephson

One more day to go and say good bye to the year. Bring on the soda or should I say champange!🍾

5 Baking Soda Beauty Secrets

How To Make Baking Soda Molasses Cancer Protocol Solutions – VernonVito Johnston

Bacon Steak Rolls by the BBQ Pit Boys – BarbecueWeb

Bacon Onion Rings by the BBQ Pit Boys BarbecueWeb

BBQ Bacon Meatball Stuffed Onions – BarbecueWeb

Grilled Bacon Bowls recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys – BarbecueWeb


Songs of the Day 🎵
Hoodie Allen – “No Interruption” (Official Video)

Addicted To Bacon – A Sizzlin’ Bacon Rap Song – Twitless Banter

The Bacon Song – Neil Murchison

Closing Quote 🤔
“Yes, I’ll have a non-fat, decaf latte, please. Oh, what the hell? Look, make it a full-fat mocha with extra whipped cream. What the hell, put a slice of bacon on it!”Dr. Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer)

For the love of bacon, don’t leave the grocery store without it! Lol 😉


Phil Lim

Food and Music Blogger 

December 29, is Pepper Pot Day

December 29, is Pepper Pot Day

Quote of the Day
“Don’t be too daring in the kitchen. For example, don’t suddenly get involved with shallots. Later, when you are no longer a Lonely Guy, you can do shallots. Not now. If you know coriander, stay with coriander and don’t fool around. Even with coriander you’re on thin ice, but at least you’ve got a shot, because it’s familiar. Stay with safe things, like pepper.”
Bruce Jay Friedman (1930- ) ‘The Lonely Guy Cookbook’ (1976)

The cold temperatures has arrived in some areas and it’s time to cook up a nice pot of pepperpot stew or soup, here is today’s video recipes on a cold December days! Enjoy and leave any comments below on how your cooking went! 🤔……. Yummy!

Simple Guyanese Pepperpot Recipe – caribbeanpot

Christmas Pepperpot (Guyanese Style) In Anndis Kitchen

Caribbean Pepperpot stew with spillers dumplings (حلال)

Pepperpot Soup – Grace Foods Creative Cooking

Chicken breast with a pepper pot sauce recipe – steves cooking

Songs of the Day 🎵
Sean Paul – Pepperpot

We Be Burning – Sean Paul (Official Video)

CeCe Peniston – Finally

Boyz II Men – Let It Snow ( Live )

Closing Quote 🤔 
“It takes four men to dress to a salad: a wise man for the salt, a madman for the pepper, a miser for the vinegar, and a spendthrift for the oil.”

Two more Days after today to end the year, stay warm, be safe when driving!  See you back here tomorrow as we wine 🍷 down the days to the new year!

Cheers 🥂

Phil Lim
Food and Music Blogger

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December 28, is National Chocolate Candy Day

December 28, is National Chocolate Candy Day

Quote of the Day
“Love Letter’ reminds me of ‘Chocolate Factory’ and ‘Happy People.’ It’s a little bit of both of those, yeah. I just wanted it to be classy, man. And romantic. And maybe 10 percent sexy”.
R. Kelly

It’s hump day and everyone could use a pick me up in engery after all that turkey, today is the day to have some kind of chocolate candy to give you that sugar kick you need to start the day! Enjoy….

Top 10 Chocolate Candy Bars in America


How to Make Chocolate Curls | Candy Making

How to Pick a Chocolate Mold | Candy Making – Howcast

How to Make Chocolate Candy | 3 ingredients ONLY

Songs of the Day 🎵
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory | I Want Candy

The Candy Crush Song – The Exchange [Music Video]

Masters Of Reality – The Candy Song
Rams Wrath 29,841 views

Robbie Williams – Candy

Cameo – Candy

Closing Quote 🤔
“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate”.
Jo Brand

Have an awesome last 4 days of 2017 and enjoy life to the fullest, you deserve a break and all the chocolate candy to go with it! 😊


Phil Lim

Food and Music Blogger 

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December 27, is National Fruitcake Day

December 27, is National Fruitcake Day

Quote of the Day
“Wonderful. Gives a whole new meaning to flour power. You’ll undoubtedly change the world, one fruitcake at a time.”
Kimberly Frost, Barely Bewitched (Southern Witch #2)

Well it looks like another day of shoppers out for bargains, just check those price tags and the fine print or some of you may be finding out its not on sale and can look like a fruitcake! Hehe haha……😉
Speaking of fruitcakes, today is National Fruitcake Day! Lol 😅

25 Gourmet Fruitcake Recipes – The very best fruitcakes for the holidays

Rich Rum Fruit Cake… For a Very Merry Christmas

Light Orange Almond And Pecan Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe – Bake Like A Pro

Christmas Fruit Cake | Easy 3 step recipe
Nestle Milkmaid

Easy Fruit Cake Recipe Demonstration –

Light Fruit Cake Recipe Demonstration –

Betty’s Christmas Fruitcake — Family Favorite!

Auntie Joy’s Christmas Fruit Cake – Crumbs

Belizean White Fruit Cake – The Bare Pantry Show

Old-Fashion Rum Fruitcake – Phyllis Stokes

Songs of the Day 🎵
The Superions – Fruitcake

Eraserheads – Fruitcake

Jessie J – Price Tag ft. B.o.B

Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Closing Quotes
“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping”.
Bo Derek

“I went window shopping today! I bought four windows”.
Tommy Cooper

Last year at this time, I caught a cold the day of Christmas and then my furnace breaks down on the same day going down to 65 Celsius before getting fixed, my car windshield was shatter from falling frozen ice snow off a transport truck that hit the driver side windshield. Lucky not at repeat of last year and I got by this year with peace of mind! 

Lets enjoy the rest of the next 4 days leading up to the New Year. 🤸‍♂️

Cheers, 🥂

Phil Lim

Food and Music Blogger 

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