Banquet Room Setup

Table Setup and Sequence of Service

Beverage Service

Food and Beverage Service Training (Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism)

How to become a good waitstaff Waitstaff Training

Serve Food and Beverage to Customers: Part 2 – SITHFAB003A

Opening and Pouring Wine

Formal Dining Service

Carrying 3 Plates

Using spoons and forks as tongs to serve food Movie.wmv

Sweep Service


D.I.Y. Head Table Scallop

OTV – How to Box a Table

Covering Display Tables

9 Ways To Fold Fancy Holiday Napkins!

9 Tips for a Waiter/Waitress In Training

Do you have or know of any great hospitaity training videos to be added to my blog? Leave a comment or link of the video for me to review!

Thanks for dropping by and watching the videos, hopefully these training videos were helpful, keep on visiting back as I will upload new video’s as I come across them……..

If you are interested in taking hospitality, culinary courses in Toronto, Ontario, Canada….. go to
Centennial College and have a chance to learn from the experts in there fields along with a chance to learn and work along my side.

To your success in learning,


Phil Lim


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