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December 1, is National Pie Day, Eat a Red Apple Day

December 1, is National Pie Day, Eat a Red Apple Day

Quote of the Day
“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Welcome to the first day of December and 24 more shopping days till Christmas! WOW ……. lets begin with National Pie Day!
Based on my research online National Pie Day also comes up on Janaury 23rd, & December 1st, so twice a year or something went wrong here, unless we just love pie so much that their’s two dates for it? Lol
I do beleive its on January 23rd. so refer back to my blog post on January 23rd,
Today I will just keep it short and sweet for pie! Lol

Banoffee Pie | Best Pie Recipe for Christmas | Beat Batter Bake With Priyanka

10 Classic American Pie Recipes

14 Delicious Hand Pie Recipes

Red apple benefits – The health benefits of eating a Red apple

How To Make An Apple Rosette | Apple Art | Fruit Carving Garnish | Party Food Decoration, How to Make yummy

Christmas Apple Design – Beginners Lesson 19 By Mutita The Art Of Fruit And Vegetable Carving, Mutita EdibleArt

Simple Apple Beautiful Design – Intermediate Lesson 2 By Mutita Art Of Fruit And Vegetable Carving

Hey still time to give if you miss giving Tuesday! lol 😉

The Giving and Receiving Law of Prosperity – Randy Gage, Prosperity TV

Benefits of Volunteering – Kati Falbo

Donate to Volunteer Canada on GivingTuesday
Volunteer Canada

Inspiring quotes on Giving by Brijesh Dalmia

Famous Birthday’s Today!
Janelle Monáe – Musical Artist

Here she is in Toronto 2015 Summer PanAm Games City Hall,  I got a chance to see her perform live!


Credit these photos taken by Phil Lim 2015


Photo credit to Phil Lim 2015


Photo credit to Phil Lim 2015

Janelle Monáe, Jidenna – Yoga

Janelle Monáe – Electric Lady [Official Video]

Janelle Monáe – Dance Apocalyptic [Official Video]

Song of the Day 🎵
Taylor Swift – Back To December

ReD ApPLe jAm (cover song – Rock Steady) Alan Clark

SHANNON – Give Me Tonight [Extended Version] (1984)

Janelle Monáe – “Heroes” (from Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game LP)

Closing Quote 🤔
“Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness.”
Jane Austen

Be happy and give a smile a day😊 to keep the wrinkles away, or should I say a apple a day keeps the doctor away!
Whatever makes you happy, just  give anything even a helping hand to a fellow worker, a child, a stranger or an elderly!

You can also give by clicking like and make my day! 😃
Thank you kindly, spread the word around the world by sharing today’s blog with others and have an awesome day!

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Phil Lim

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October 28, is National Chocolate Day & Wild Foods Day

October 28, is National Chocolate Day & Wild Foods Day

Quote of the Day
“Serve the dinner backward, do anything – but for goodness sake, do something weird.”
Elsa Maxwell

Lets get wild foods day sounds like fun! 😃


This Toronto Chocolatemaker Was Just Recognized for Making the World’s Best Dark Chocolate

Top 10 Most Expensive Chocolates in the World

Top | Best | Ultimate 5 Chocolate brands in world

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company – Chad Barker

25 Delicious Chocolate Facts You Won’t Be Able To Resist

Edible WIld Food (AZ of Bushcraft)

AZ of Bushcraft (E for Edible wild food)

Finding and Cooking Wild Food on the Beach (Bushcraft Ray Mears)

Songs of the Day🎵
“Cherry Chocolate Rain” Original Song by Tay Zonday

Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side – Rare Video-HD – Sean Dolan

Closing Quote🤔
“I am not a sound bite person. I prefer to run at the mouth.
Marima Sirtis

Your best friend today is someone who has chocolate and is wild! Enjoy your day and kick it up a notch! 


Phil Lim

Food and Music Blogger 

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July 11, is National Blueberry Muffin Day & National Mojito Day

July 11, is National Blueberry Muffin Day & National Mojito Day

Quote of the Day
“Well, I can’t eat muffins in an agitated manner. The butter would parobably get on my cuffs. One should always eat muffins quite calmly. It is the only way to eat them.”
Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ (1895)

Short and sweet today! ☺

Here are todays video recipes!
How to Make The Best Blueberry Muffins – Blueberry Muffin Recipe

How to Make To Die For Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry Muffins – Homemade Blueberry Muffin Recipe

How To: Make The Perfect Mojito

How to make a Mojito Cocktail | Jamie Oliver

How to Make Bacardi Mojitos : Mojito Recipes

Songs of the Day 🎵
Robert Abigail – Mojito (Official Music Video) (HQ) (HD)

Because today is Blueberry Muffin Day, Check out the songs from yesterday since it was Pick Blueberries Day!

Closing Quote 🤔
“You don’t get tired of muffins, but you don’t find inspiration in them.”
George Bernard Shaw (British playwright and critic)

Toast to Mojito day, share, follow or like!

Phil Lim
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June 18, is International Sushi Day & International Picnic Day

June 18, is International Sushi Day & International Picnic Day

Quote of the Day
“The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better.”
Barbara Pletcher – Author

Today is a day for sushi lovers and go for a pinic…… short and sweet!

Sushi – Made Easy – Healthy Recipe

International recipes: how to make sushi at home | #ROAOcooking

Sushi Dinner: Music for a Japanese Dinner Mix Compilation – Sushi Music – HALIDONMUSIC

Songs of the Day 🎵

Sushi Song by Lorraine Bowen –
Lorraine Bowen’s TV Channel

Closing Quote
“In Mexico we have a word for sushi: bait.”
Jose Simon

Now is a good time to plan a weekend get away with the family for a picnic and pack some sushi and sneak in a bottled of red wine! Lol 😉

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Time for a pinic, have one in your backyard and see you back tomorrow!


Phil Lim
Food and Music Blogger 

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May 20, is National Quiche Lorraine Day, Pick Strawberries Day, World Whisky Day & Be a Millionaire Day

May 20, is National Quiche Lorraine Day, Pick Strawberries Day, World Whisky Day & Be a Millionaire Day

Quote of the Day
“Real Programmers don’t eat quiche. They eat Twinkies and Szechwan food.”

It’s Saturday the long weekend is here…… ☺
Happy May Two-Four weekend, Everyone! Did you remember to pick up your 2-4 or Whiskey for the long weekend? Reminder please don’t drink and drive, and plan to get home safe! 🏠
Things To Do In Toronto This Weekend Besides Watch Fireworks via

Quiche Recipe – How to Make Flavorful Quiche

Quiche Lorraine Mother’s Day Recipe – Creamy Bacon Leek Cheese Quiche

Betty’s Simple and Elegant Quiche Lorraine Recipe

How to Go Strawberry Picking🍓

World Whisky Day takes place on the third Saturday in May each year. Future World Whisky Days will land on the following dates:
Saturday 20th May 2017
Saturday 19th May 2018
Saturday 18th May 2019
Saturday 16th May 2020

World Whisky Day is a day of global whisky celebration –
See more at:
Your guide to running a World Whisky Day event
10 Facts About Whiskey – Listing10 Facts

Five Best Whiskies in the World – EliteTravelerTV

Win a unique collection of 50 bottles of Speyside and Highland Whiskies or a 4 day whisky tour for two people to Speyside!

25 Quotes About Whiskey from the Famous Drinkers Who Loved It Best

Today is also Be a Millionaire Day! 💲
The Hidden Secret$ to Wealth

Millionaire Mind Intensive
Mind Intensive Weekend
Current Limited Offer: FREE
Reserve your ticket(s)
You can thank me later!

Songs of the Day♩

Chris Stapleton – Tennessee Whiskey

Calloway – I Want To Be Rich Official Video Mega Music Money

Travie McCoy: Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

ABC – How to be a Zillionaire! (Live at the Canyon Club,Agoura Hills CA 6/15/2013)

Pet Shop Boys – Opportunities (Original Mix) PL

“AC/DC – Money Talks.” The Official Unofficial Music Video – maydaymalone

Pink Floyd- Money (Official Music Video)

Diddy – Dirty Money – Coming Home ft. Skylar Grey – DirtyMoneyVEVO

Closing Quote 🤔
“All millionaires love a baked apple.”
Ronald Firbank, novelist: ‘Vainglory’ (1886-1926)

Oh my don’t we all want to be a millionaire and pay someone to go pick our fresh strawberries and then have a personal chef to cook our quiche Lorraine with a garish strawberry and a relaxing Whiskey drink! 😉

To your $uccess and I wish you all to become a millionaire one day!
Now come and follow my lead……. 😉


Phil Lim
Food & Music Blogger

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March 26, is National Spinach Day, Spinach Festival Day, National Nougat Day & Make Your Own Holiday Day 

March 26, is National Spinach Day, Spinach Festival Day, National Nougat Day & Make Your Own Holiday Day 

Quote of the Day
“For unknown foods, the nose acts always as a sentinal and cries. ‘Who goes there?'”
Jean-Antheleme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826)

Five move days and March is done! What does that mean?
Well today is create your own holiday!
How about a March Madness Day?
Trying to get your taxes done for last year, change the winter tires back to your summer tires, spring cleaning etc., or how about March Diner Dash Day? Use up those store or restaurant coupons before they expire at the end of the month! lol …… better get dashing!
Last year I went with a Canadian Special Events Day & Worldwide Cell blogging Day?

What day can you come up with? Leave it in the comments area below!

O.k. today is also National Spinach Day, here are todays healthy Spinach recipes and cooking tips

How to Make Spinach & Grilled Chicken Salad – by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Ep 108

Fast & Easy Creamed Spinach – Creamy Spinach Side Dish – Food Wishes


Garlic Sauteed Spinach – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 196

Spinach Korean Side Dish (SiGuemChi NaMul) 시금치나물 무침 by Omma’s Kitchen

Nougat Candy Recipe How To Cook That by Ann Reardon

Cheese Nougat – Bruno Albouze – THE REAL DEAL – Bruno Albouze

Songs of the Day 🎵
Top 50 Songs Of The Week – March 26, 2016 (Billboard Hot 100) TopMusicWorld

Sally Williams Nougat – JdP

Madonna – Holiday [Blonde Ambition Tour]

Closing Quote 🤔
“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”
Zig Ziglar

Have a wonderful healthy day and eat lots of spinach and come up with one of your own holidays!


Phil Lim

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February 9, is National Bagels and Lox Day, National Pizza Pie Day

February 9: National Bagels and Lox Day, National Pizza Pie Day

Quote of the Day
“The bagel is a lonely roll to eat all by yourself because in order for the true taste to come out you need your family. One to cut the bagels, one to toast them, one to put on the cream cheese and the lox, one to put them on the table and one to supervise.”
Gertrude Berg (1899-1966)

Bagel Recipes

BEST Bagel Recipe – Minichef’s

How To Make The Best Home Made Bagels | MTC – Mountain Top Chef

How to Make Bagels – mahalodotcom

How to Make Authentic East Coast Bagels Wherever You Live – Food Farmer Earth

“A bagel creation that would have my parents turning over in their graves is the oat-bran bagel with blueberries and strawberries. It’s a bagel nightmare, an ill-conceived bagel form if there ever was one.”Ed Levine, ‘New York Eats’

LOX on Bagel Recipes, The Best of the Best….

“Believe it or not, American’s eat 75 acres of pizza a day.”Boyd Matson, TV journalist

Today is also National Pizza Pie Day in which Chef Nisa Burns who in honor of this day, share’s this easy Margherita Pizza recipe with you, which you can also find her college cook book at,Kitchenability 101….. link below!
Easy for College Students and beginners to try out, now this is a recipe book all College or University students should have when living on their own, since working at Centennial College Residence & Conference Centre for the last 10 years, students share a small kitchen to do there cooking which I’ll notice alot of frozen pizza is bought along with ording takeout, instead of trying to make it home made which is the healthy choice if they had the time and money.

More details on Centennial College Residence living visit us at:

Centennial College Programs and course information: Come bake with us!

Songs of the Day
THE BAGEL SONG!!! – Super Mario Logan

Closing Quote
“My idea of feng shui is to have them arrange the pepperoni in a circle on my pizza.”

Enjoy your bagels, lox and pizza pie today!


Phil Lim

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January 30, is National Croissant Day

January 30, is National Croissant Day

Quote of the Day
“Do you know on this one block you can buy croissants in five different places? There’s one store called Bonjour Croissant. It makes me want to go to Paris and open up a store called HelloToast.”
Fran Lebowitz, journalist

Lots of yummy tasty croissants to try out on ifood tv blog, have a look at this website for photos of great looking croissants

Another 5 Star rating from for this amazing strawberry croissant french toast recipe

Want the best croissants in Toronto, here you have it!
Best Croissants in Toronto

The 15 Best Places for Croissants in Toronto
Want more………
Here are 100 different croissants to try out on,1-00,croissants,FF.html

Gordon Ramsay visits a traditional Parisienne baker who produces traditional hand made croissant. He learns to make the perfect croissant.

How to Make Croissants Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 727

Croissant Sandwich Recipe – Best Sandwich Ever! – CookingWithAlia – Episode 129

The Most Beautiful, Addictive Croissant in New York Is Stuffed With Nutella

Songs of the Day 🎵
Sweet Peak Feat. Maja Zaloznik – Le Croissant (Radio Edit)
Mario Čižić 9,328 views

Mattias Hellberg’s single Coffee & Croissant! Find the song at:

Closing Quote
“A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.”

Happy eating, see you back tomorrow! 😉


Phil Lim

Food and Music Blogger 

January 21, is National New England Clam Chowder Day, National Granola Bar Day & National Hugging Day

January 21, is National New England Clam Chowder Day, National Granola Bar Day & National Hugging Day

Quote of the Day
“There is nothing like soup. It is by nature eccentric: no two are ever alike, unless of course you get your soup in a can.”
Laurie Colwin, ‘Home Cooking’ (1988)

Who loves soup and who loves a good clam chowder especially a New England style clam chowder.
Here is New England Clam Chowder Recipe, it looks good, it taste good!

New England Clam Chowder Recipe:

Now you ask for the Best New England Clam Chowder in the World, it’s just a click away. Enjoy!

O.k. Granola bar lovers, so much to choose from, so little time. Sounds like life is to short, we need to just make the decisions in our lives and move on…… talking about how the grocery stores shelves can have so many to choose from that some people block the aisle’s or are in your way holding up the shelf as its going to fall…!  I’m as bad for doing it myself but I’m not holding any shelf, just looking for the deals!
O.k. let’s move on…….next!

Top 10 delicious Homemade Granola Recipes

Top 10 Delicious Homemade Granola Recipes

Today is also National Hugging Day!
I remember a couple of years ago when we had a youth group who book at the Conference Centre for a summer camp retreat in teaching youths on creating a better world we live in with learning and creating peace into today’s society.
They had sign posted in the hallway outside the meeting room “FREE HUGS” along with a piece of paper on their shirt marked “FREE HUGS” when on break walking the hallways. It was up beat, smiles, and lots of hugging with everyone and anyone from all types of backgrounds no matter who you where. This group was spreading a message to everyone who they came across with in giving FREE HUGS to strangers even myself. It created a happy feeling in people’s eyes when they were hugged, it was amazing to see a positive feeling in the youth group who took it further by going out to the mall close by to give FREE HUGS to strangers and to see what kind of respond they will get in return.
They had managed to give out a lot of FREE HUGS in a couple of hours as people could not believe what was taking place in front of their own eyes. It was probably the most happiest mall with happy shoppers all getting hugs to relief shopping stress. It was a way to set an example for the world, was to see the good in everybody and to create peace and friendship instead of war. While wars where taking place back then in other countries and still are today along with ongoing suicide bombers we all need to step up to the plate and some time hug someone you love, care, or even a stranger like in the case of the youth camp did a couple of years ago! I believe they have grown and are still reaching out to all the communities to help get the message out for world peace.
The only sad thing was that mall security did not like what they where doing and had to remove them all for being on private property for socializing which the group carry on to a bigger mall downtown in the city of Toronto.
FREE HUGS were born again and again and again till security had caught up with the youth group to have them removed again. So they had decided to move on to the streets of downtown Toronto, the longest street in the world that I know of is called Yonge Street. So today let’s all not be law enforcers and just hug someone you love, care, or a friend, neighbour, classmate, co-worker, customer, client, teacher, boss or even your pet.
Happy Hugging Day!
My free hugs to everyone online today! But that will be hard to do! …..O.K. maybe we should come up with National Hug your screen/monitor Day! ……. lol 😉
or better just hug me by clicking follow my blog!

The Streets of Downtown Toronto, Just Give Me a Hug!

“A hug is the perfect gift- one size fits all and nobody minds if you exchange it. ”
― Irvin Ball
Top 10 Benefits In Hugging

A hug can be a sign of joy or happiness, Free Hugs in Toronto, Ontario

FREE HUGS Experiment!!! Appearance VS. Gender???

How To Give A Good Hug – Buzz Feed Violet

Songs of the Day
Free Hug Day (The Hug Song)

A Great Big World – Hold Each Other ft. Futuristic

Romeo Miller Feat. Valentino & Kyros – Hug Me Forever – Creative Dream Videos

Closing Quote
“One word can end a fight; One hug can start a friendship; One smile can bring Unity; One person can change your entire life!”
― Israelmore Ayivor

Peace everyone and happy hugging,


HUG a letter stand for Helping Unlock Greatness”
― zita h vasavan-ind-germany

Now it’s your turn to get out there and give someone a BIG hug to support in world peace.
Have a happy hugging awesome day and don’t forget to follow my blog! 🙂

Boy I need a hug after all that! 😉

Yours Truly,

Phil Lim

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January 11, is National Hot Toddy Day & Milk Day

January 11, is National Hot Toddy Day & Milk Day

Quote of the Day
“Who discovered we could get milk from cows, and what did he think he was doing at the time?” Billy Connolly, comedian.

After being in the cold all day come inside for a nice hot toddy or a glass of milk because today is National Hot Toddy Day & Milk Day, you deserve a break today!

Try this nice Hot Toddy Recipe and relax!

The World Best Hot Toddy Recipe
Bruce Joseph

Not Feeling Well? Hot Toddy Recipe for Cold & Flu Season (Home Remedy) Kyma Monai

Hot Toddy – How to Make the Classic Hot Whiskey Cocktail
Distinguished Spirits

Hot Toddy – The Morgenthaler Method – Small Screen Cocktails

Winter Warmer Hot Toddy Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma

For all you milk lovers, this website has it all when it comes to milk information, recipes and more…… you’ll be delighted.

Top 10 Advantages of Milk for Health | How to Drink Milk for Better Health | Milk’s Benefits healthy – Thamra Srey

Top 10 Best Health Benefits of Raw Milk – Sooraj Mohan

9 Benefits Of Drinking Milk With Turmeric – SPNM CREATIONS

Homemade Soy Milk

BEST SOY MILK recipe – YANYUM 7 (두유 만들기 豆浆做法) Patrick Yan

99 bottles of milk on the wall Full Song

Today is also: Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day!
WOW how funny can that be if the weather man called for rain in your area today! Like he knew today was step in a puddle and splash your friends day. Lol 🙂
“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet”.
Roger Miller

Famous People Birthday’s Today
Mary J. Blige Singer Bio

Mary J. Blige – Stronger

Mary J. Blige – Seven Days ft. George Benson

Song of the Day 🎵
Usher feat. Jay-Z – Hot Toddy (NEW SONG) 2010 – Kiss N’

MILK SONG – Ju Uyên Nhi (Official)
JU UYEN NHI official

I Like Milk – Fun song for Kids
Vid Forkids

Blame It On The Rain by Milli Vanilli, Debuted at #65. Hit number 1 in November 1989

Mary J. Blige – Be Happy (Matt X Version)

Closing Quote
“Opie, you haven’t finished your milk. We can’t put it back in the cow, you know.”
Aunt Bee ‘The Andy Griffith Show’

Have fun getting wet and don’t forget to serve tea biscuits with your hot toddy and cookies with your milk, it’s ok Santa will not be passing by to join you tonight for milk and cookies! lol

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Have a great start to your week and keep on smiling and be happy as you can be! 🙂


Phil Lim
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