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April 25, is East Meets West Day & National Telephone Day

April 25, is East Meets West Day
& National Telephone Day

Quote of the Day
“True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” Socrates

Ha! no National Food Day today to start the week?

East Meets West Day

National Telephone Day
A Brief History of Bell Canada – The Globe and Mail


Famous People Birthday’s Born on this Day
Jay Park – Singer

Jay Park Top 50 songs

210913 Jay Park Live in London – I Like 2 Party + Goodbye!

120429 Jay Park – Nothing on You, Know Your Name & Girlfriend @ Star Awards 2012

Songs of the Day
Pet Shop Boys West End Girls Official music video

Telephone Love – JC Lodge (Original Video – Improved Sound)

Drake – Hotline Bling

박재범(Jay Park) – 빌리진(Billie Jean)

English Version Jay Park Count on Me Nothing On You – Lovely Jihyun

Closing Quote
“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says, ‘I’ll try again tomorrow.”
Mary Anne Radmacher – Author and Artist

Be happy, enjoy life, go east and call me on your cell phone! Lol 😉
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Phil Lim
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April 22, is Earth Day, National Jelly Bean Day & In God We Trust Day

April 22, is Earth Day & National Jelly Bean Day & In God We Trust Day

Quote of the Day
“You can tell a lot about a fellow’s character by his way of eating jellybeans.”
Ronald Reagan

National Jelly Bean Day: Best (and most disgusting)

The original 50 flavours from best to worst

Have you try the beer flavor along with the new cocktail-inspired flavors include piña colada, mai tai and strawberry daiquiri. None contains any alcohol

Top 10 Jelly Belly Flavours
By Top 10s Daily – June 8, 2010

How Jelly Beans Are Made

Hey Google Jelly Beans and you get 50 Android Jelly Bean tips, tricks and hints, how’s that for a treat! Nice……………

Earth  Day Network Take Action

Earth Day 2016 / Save Earth-Save ourselves – Dreamcatcher

7 things we’ve learned about Earth since the last Earth Day

7 Eye-Opening Facts for Earth Day | Mashable

(HD) What if the Earth STOPS Spinning- (Full Documentary)
Educational Documentary

Bible Verses About Trust 20-Helpful Scripture Quotes/

Prince, legendary Purple Rain singer, dead at age 57

“There’s something about having people around you giving you support that is -its motivating, and once I got that support from people, then I believed I could do anything.”

Prince In The 1980’s – Full Movie
Treble Clef

Songs of the Day
The Jelly Bean Song By Keep The Heat

Earth Day 2014 Song and Lyrics for Earth Day Hour Global Warming and Climate Change
By Tokyo Rosebiz

Michael Jackson – Earth Song

Raspberry Beret
Purple Knights – Topic 3


Kid Rock – Only God Knows Why [Official Video]

Songs by Prince, a special tribute to music superstar Prince – who was found dead in his Minnesota home yesterday morning at the age of 57, RIP Prince….
Prince – When Doves Cry (1984)

Purple Rain Prince AVI – Casusa Ribeiro

Prince “Cream”

Closing Quote 
“God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages”.
Jacques Deval

Have a happy jumping jelly bean on Earth day!

“In god we trust” Follow, like and share! 😎


Phil Lim
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April 17, is National Cheeseball Day

April 17, is National Cheeseball Day

Quote of the Day
“People who know nothing about cheeses reel away from Camembert, Roquefort, and Stilton because the plebeian proboscis is not equipped to differentiate between the sordid and the sublime.”
Harvey Day

For some of us, its back to work after the long Easter weekend, so let’s get the ball rolling with……… 

Chicken Cheese Ball Recipe

23 Most Glorious Balls Of Cheese

Fried Cheese Balls Recipe| Жареные Сырные шарики –
Allas Yummy Food

Cheese Ball Recipe – Easy Cheese Ball – Jason Bolte

Potato cheese balls – CheezzMakeup

Corn Cheese Balls/ Quick Easy Party starter recipe by Tarla Dalal

Betty’s Green Onion and Bacon Cheese Ball

Buffalo Cheeseball Football

Take care and eat healthy either its for children or for yourself!

Songs of the Day 🎵
Alvin and the Chipmunks – Cheese Balls (Get in My Belly Mix) Alsawfreetter01

DJ Cheeseball – Earth Materials

Packer Rock Anthem ft. Lucas Cates (LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem Remix) Cascia Films

Closing Quote 🤔
“How can you be expected to govern a country that has 246 kinds of cheese?”Charles de Gaulle 

Have a great cheeseball of a day everyone and enjoy your cheeseballs melt in your mouth! Yummy 😄


Phil Lim
Daily Food & Music Blogger

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April 16, is National Eggs Benedict Day, Day of the Mushroom & National Stress Awareness Day

April 16, is National Eggs Benedict Day, Day of the Mushroom & National Stress Awareness Day

Quote of the Day
“When you feel like eating boiled eggs, if you have some truffles in the house, put them in a basket with the eggs and the next day you will have the best boiled eggs you have ever tasted in your gastronomic life.”
M. Des Ombiaux

Lots of things happening today with lots of great resources, check it out! 
Tasty days Videos on Eggs Benedict – Oscar-Style

How to Make Eggs Benedict – Eggs Benedict Recipe – Allrecipes

Eggs Benedict Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 387


Mushroom Recipes : COLLECTION

“Life is too short to stuff a mushroom.”
Shirley Conran (1932-?), ‘Superwoman’

Stress Awareness Day
Stress Awareness Day: 10 Best Ways To Fight Stress

“In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.”

Songs of the Day ♩

Infected Mushroom Ft. Matisyahu – One Day (Official Remix)

Infected Mushroom – Converting Vegetarians – 2003 Full Album (Disc 1 + Disc 2)

Twenty one pilots: Stressed Out [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Fueled By Ramen

Relaxing Music Timeout – 60 Minutes Of The Most Relaxing Music You’ve Ever Heard!
By Relaxing Music Timeout

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Original 1983 Sex Mix)

M|A|R|R|S – Pump Up The Volume (Official Video)

Closing Quote 🤔
Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves it’s amazing what they can accomplish.-
Sam Walton

Have yourself a positive day and get cracking, cause life is to short to worry. Enjoy the sunshine and the nice day, time to BBQ some grilled mushrooms! 😉

Let’s Go Raptors!


Phil Lim
Food and Music Blogger 

April 9, is National Chinese Almond Cookie Day & Winston Churchill Day

April 9, is National Chinese Almond Cookie Day & Winston Churchill Day

Quote of the Day
“He that waits upon fortune, is never sure of a dinner.”
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

The weekend is here but the weather is still cold, time to get back inside and bake some cookies, chinese almond cookies that is……
Recipe for chinese almond cookies

Recipe chinese restaurant almond-cookies

Let’s Make! Chinese Almond Cookies!

Vegan Chinese Almond Cookies Recipe – Vegan Chinese New Year Dessert – Vegan Baking
The Sweetest Vegan

If you love quotes, your’ve love these top 25 from Winston Churchill
Top 25 Winston Churchill- Quotes/ /top-25-winston-churchill-quotes/

John Petrie’s Collection of
Winston Churchill Quotes

The 40 Greatest Quotes From Winston Churchill

Secrets of Leadership: Churchill
Dr Alan Brown

7 Activities Super Successful People Do on the Weekends

Songs of the Day 🎵
Hong Kong Food Song (MUSIC VIDEO) – Fung Bros feat. DoughBoy – FungBrosComedy

Winston Churchill Song We Shall Never Surrender – Steven Fox

Soldier of Fortune – Deep Purple

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill – Official Music Video

Closing Quote 🤔
“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”
Harry S. Truman

May the fortune be with you!
Have an awesome day, enjoy your Chinese almond cookies and see you back here Sunday!

Have yourself a positive day!

Phil Lim
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April 7, is Coffee Cake Day, National Beer Day & World Health Day

April 7, is Coffee Cake Day, National Beer Day & World Health Day

Quote of the Day 🙄
“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”
Tom Bodett

Your Coffee Cake Recipe Resources

The Most Delicious Coffee Cake Recipes You’ll Find (PHOTOS)

Absolutely Delicious Coffee Cake Recipes

Top Secret Coffee Cake – Average Betty By Hungry Nation

Cinnamon Coffee Cake Recipe

Streusel Apple Coffee Cake

National Beer Day 🍻 is also today and New Beers Eva was yesterday on April 6th, so if you want to click over to April 6th for all the beer……your welcome to do so! Cheers,

But first of all, check out this video! This Dude Chugs These Hooters Beers Like Its A Sip Of Water!.flv

50 Greatest Beers In The World

Craft Beer Trends to Look Out For in 2016
Craft Beer Trends to Look Out For in 2016

Best New Brewery Winners: 2016 – 10 Best Readers’ Choice Travel …

Beer Advocate Lists of Top Beers

World Health Day 2016: How to Tackle Diabetes Before it …

Men’s Health Best Workout Songs #1-By Workout Music & More Feb 2, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why Gyming is Healthy

BEST SMOOTHIE RECIPES for Energy & Healthy Weight Loss

Famous Birthday’s Today Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan top 10 best stunts

Best Of Jackie Chan (Tribute)
The Flo To Show

Songs of the Day 🎵
Sticky Toffee Coffee Cake By Izzy Brown

Beer Beer Beer… Lovely Beer
By Igraczek

BODYPOP – Official Music Video –

Carl Douglas – Kung fu fighting(original)

Closing Quote

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.”
John Lennon

Have an awesome day and spice it up with some coffee cake and you’re sure done your part for World Health Day! lol

Careful you don’t spill the coffee beans while listening to the workout songs! 😉

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Phil Lim
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March 14, is National Potato Chip Day & Genius Day

March 14, is National Potato Chip Day & Genius Day

Quote of the Day
“I appreciate the potato only as a protection against famine, except for that, I know of nothing more eminently tasteless.”
Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826) ‘The Physiology of Taste’ (1825)

Today we begin with National Potato Chip Day

Best Chips Ever By Good Mythical Morning


Simple healthy potato chips – no baking, no frying – Markus Rothkranz

Homemade Potato Chips – The Cook n Share

How to Make Potato Chips in the Microwave – Vijaya Selvaraju

Potato chips on a stick
By seoulizzle

Snack Food Recipe for Kids: How to Make Potato Chips with Children – Weelicious

How to Seal a Bag of Chips without a Clip – Howcast

Genius Day

Top 10 Movie Geniuses

Songs of the Day 🎵

FUN SONG!–“Potato Chips” by Phil Harris & His Orchestra – Music Bank 58

I’m a Fuc_ing Genius – SinnerSylo

Whitney Houston – How Will I Know

Closing Quote
“Judging foods without regard to price is a rich man’s game, and yet poor people can be gourmets able to discern a good potato from a bad one.”
Mark Kurlansky, ‘Choice Cuts’ (2002)

Have a wondeful day and don’t forget to share those yummy potato chips! See you back tomorrow for National…..what day it is? 🤔


Phil Lim

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March 4, is National Poundcake Day & Courageous Follower Day

March 4, is National Poundcake & Courageous Follower Day

Quote of the Day
“Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?”
William Shakespeare

Today’s best sources for your Poundcake Recipes.
Lets begin looking at the TOP 10 TASTY POUND CAKE RECIPES

Our 10 Best Pound Cake Recipes

Poundcake Recipe

How to make excellent poundcake

National Pound Cake day! How to make one in a blender!

Today is March 4, 2017 and is also Courageous Follower Day

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. —Lao Tzu
100 Best Quotes On Leadership

Leadership From A Dancing Guy –
Michael Hughes

Funniest Leadership Speech ever!

John Maxwell The 5 Levels of Leadership – JohnMaxwellCo

Aly us – Follow Me / Classic House

Songs of the Day 🎸
Van Halen’s “Pound Cake”

YMCA Official Music Video

Video Song for
Staff Appreciation Day

Muse – Follow Me

Uncle Kracker – Follow Me [Official Video]

Closing Quote
“If you are what you eat and you don’t know what you’re eating, do you know who you are?”
Claude Fischler (2004) Sociologist with the French National Center for Scientific Research whose field is ‘Humans and food: the sociology and anthropology of food habits and eating patterns across time and space’.

Have a great pounding day without the headach of course and don’t forget to follow me today on my blog or Twitter: viphospitality@VIP4U2C

See you back tomorrow for some more holidays! ☺


Phll Lim

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March 3, is National Cold Cuts Day, National Mulled Wine Day & I Want You to be Happy Day

March 3, is National Cold Cuts Day, National Mulled Wine Day & I Want You to be Happy Day

Quote of the Day
“A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.”
Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, ‘The Physiology of Taste’

The Video History of Cold Cuts on Modern Marvels

A Great Cold Cut Sandwiches

Cold Cuts
Sandwiches Recipes

How to Create Sonya’s Subway Inspired Cold Cut Sub

3 Tips for Choosing the Healthiest Cold Cuts

Amazing Jamie Oliver Show’s How To Make Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine 🍷 Recipes!

Songs of the Day 🎵
I Like Sandwiches – Reeve Oliver – Yo Gabba Gabba!

Eagles – Hotel California with lyrics

Joy To The World (1975) – Three Dog Night

Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy☺

“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence”
Robert Fripp, guitarist and cofounder of the band King Crimson (1969)

Closing Quote
Your greatest gift to others is to be happy and to radiate your happiness to the entire world.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Don’t worry, be happy everyone, make someone happy today by doing something extra nice like opening the door and let them go first, offer them your seat while on a crowded bus or train or let someone in front of you while in a line up, buy a cup of coffee for the person in the car who is behind you in the drive through or the homeless person sitting in the street corner freezing to death or even making a nice positive comment to a stranger with a smile!

Therefore all the best to everyone who is reading my blog today, thank you for dropping by…….
Have yourself an amazing happy & cheerfull day! ☺

To your day of happiness, bundle up and stay warm, hugs and joy to you all, cheers!

Phil Lim

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March 2, is National Banana Cream Pie Day

March 2, is National Banana Cream Pie Day

Quote of the Day
“Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.”
Groucho Marx (1890-1977)

It’s time to bake, so today why not bake a Banana Cream Pie and enjoy one of these recipes from the source…… yummy!

Banana Cream Pie Recipe Demonstration

Banana Cream Pie

More Banana Cream Pie Recipes Websites

Easy Gluten Free Banana Cream Pie Recipe

Vegan Banana Cream Pie

25 of the Best Banana Cream Pie Recipes

Songs Video of the Day 🎵
Prince “Cream”

Cream “White Room/Crossroads/Badge” Live-2005 – AZLiveVideo

David Lee Roth – A Lil Ain’t Enough – my stereo jones

Kingdom Come – Do You Like It – Hollywood Scream

Closing Quote
“Don’t you think the road commissioner would be willing to pay my wife something for her recipe for pie crust?” (Commenting on his wife’s cooking) Calvin Coolidge, 30th U.S. president (1923-1929)

Enjoy your day, along with all the banana cream pies you can eat! yummy…. 😉


Phil Lim

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