December 6, is National Gazpacho Day & Microwave Oven Day

December 6, is National Gazpacho Day & Microwave Oven Day

Quote of the Day 🤔
“Good manners: The noise you don’t make when you’re eating soup.”
Bennett Cerf, humorist, publisher (1898-1971)

Its been a busy week with many events going on for the Holiday season, which everyone is running around trying to get things done before Christmas Day!
18 Shopping days left, if you need to buy for people who are on your good list! lol
Maybe a Microwave Oven for a gift???

The Best Gazpacho Recipes

The Best Gazpacho Recipe – 10 Minute Recipe – FlavCity with Bobby Parrish

The Best Raw Gazpacho Recipe – Jennifer Cornbleet

Raw gazpacho | The Vegan Corner – The Vegan Corner

Spanish Gazpacho Soup | Omar Allibhoy – Jamie Oliver

Microwave Oven Day
10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Microwave Could Do!

10 Microwave Life Hacks

Songs of the Day🎵
The Mighty Boosh- Soup Song

“Microwave” by Robert Benfer

50 Cent – Window Shopper

Closing Quote 🤔
“I live on good soup, not on fine words.”

Enjoy your soup and your day and catch you back tomorrow!


Phil Lim

Food and Music Blogger 

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