August 1st, is National Raspberry Cream Pie Day, Homemade Pie Day, World Wide Web Day & Respect for Parents Day

August 1st, is National Raspberry Cream Pie Day, Homemade Pie Day, World Wide Web Day & Respect for Parents Day

Quote of the Day
“It does happen to give raspberries their flavour, but there are many other molecules that are needed to make space raspberries.”
Arnaud Belloche, an astronomer at the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn, Germany (The Guardian, April, 2009)

Check out today’s special day(s) and I lead off with some of the many National Holidays taking place today! I only list many of the music, food and beverage and sometime add in the odd holiday.
Find more on August 1st, Holidays and Celebrations Today at:

August 1: Holidays and Celebrations Today

Check out today’s recipes! Enjoy!

Contest-Winning Raspberry Cream Pie Recipe

Raspberry Cream Pie

RASPBERRY PIE Recipe – with Mascarpone

It seems their’s some kind of pie holiday every month! Lol ….. You can begin to bake off your favor Homemade Pie for today!

The World Wide Web

World Internet Users and 2016 Population Stats

Internet Revolution – Worldwide Web (A Global Network Of Computer Base Communication System) Documentary Lab

How to celebrate Respect for Parents Day

Love and respect your parents
Sundeep Ballare

Songs of the Day 🎸
Coldplay – Raspberry Beret (Prince cover) + Viva La Vida live bbc radio 1’s big weekend 2016 – Indie Concerts

It’s the World Wide Web – Neil Cicierega

Today is also National Girlfriends Day
Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend – 😍AvrilLavigneVEVO

Pebbles – Girlfriend – PebblesVEVO

Closing Quote 🙄
“….try the mustard, — a man can’t know what turnips are in perfection without mustard.”
Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) (1835-1910) ‘The Gilded Age’ (1873)

Have an awesome web of a day, respect your parents & girlfriend and why not enjoy some pie when your together tonight! 😉


Phil Lim
Food and Music Blogger 


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