July 10, is National Piña Colada Day & Pick Blueberries Day

July 10, is National Piña Colada Day & Pick Blueberries Day

Quote of the Day
“I remember his burlesque pretense that morning of an inextinguishable grief when I wonder that I had never eaten blueberry cake before, and how he kept returning to the pathos of the fact that there should be a region of the earth where blueberry cake was unknown.”
William Dean Howells (1894)

On a hot summer day you got to have a Piña Colada and just not today cause it’s National Piña Colada Day!

How to make the best PIÑA COLADA! – Tipsy Bartender

Pina Colada Recipe

Voted The BEST Pina Colada recipe on YouTube also DIY Pineapple Soda

How To Pick The Best Tasting Blueberries Part 1

Blueberry Bush Update 2009 (Part 2)

Blueberry Bush Update 2009 (Part 3)

Songs of the Day 🎵
Baby Alice – Piña Colada Boy

Rihanna – Cheers (Drink To That)

Louis Armstrong – Blueberry Hill
Austin Casey

Blueberries- an original song – Rachel Strobel

Closing Quote
“Go as far as you can see and you will see further.”
Zig Ziglar – 1926-2012 – Speaker and Author

Its Sunday and its your day to get hook on Piña Colada drinks if your home or by the beach and why not use blueberries instead of pinapple for your drink garnish since also you can pick your Blueberries Day today! Lol 😜


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Food/Music Blogger

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