June 30, is National Ice Cream Soda Day & Social Media Day

June 30, is National Ice Cream Soda Day & Social Media Day

Quote of the Day 🤔
“Making a movie and not directing the little moments is like drinking a soda and leaving the little slurp puddle for someone else.”
Steven Spielberg 

TGIF Happy Social Media Day and don’t forget to do your part today and blog, tweet, share, like, connect or just have fun with what your doing with of course with a ice cream soda to go along with it! 😁

How to make an Ice Cream Soda

How to make an ice cream soda

Ice cream soda de fresa

How Social Networks Have Changed The World!

Social Media…You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet | Jerry Kane | TEDxLongwood – TEDx Talks

Social Media- Sucking Time or Saving Lives: Kristen Howerton at TEDxChapmanU – TEDx Talks


Song of the Day 🎵

Milli Vanilli – Blame it On the Rai

Kim Mitchell – Go For Soda

Chris Brown – Text Message (Feat. Tyga) (Music Video) Mackbernard

APP RAP: 20 songs about apps, phones, and social media by Aaron Zorgel – May 2, 2014

APP RAP: 20 songs about apps, phones, and social media

10 Songs About Social Media
10 Songs About Social Media

Closing Quote
“Spoon the sauce over the ice cream. It will harden. This is what you have been working for”.Nicholson Baker 

Did you know we half way threw the year, time flies when you having online fun! 😉

Happy Canada Day! 🍁

Enjoy the long weekend! 

Everything you need to know about Canada 🍁 Day 2017 in the GTA
CP24 Toronto’s Break­ing News
There are plenty of events and activities going on around the GTA as … Running from June 30 to July 3,



Phil Lim

Food and Music Blogger 

Phil Lim nominated for in the Top 100 TRANSFORMATIONAL leaders Awards 🏅North America 👍

We are excited to announce our Top 100 for this year’s Award!



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