January 27, is National Chocolate Cake Day

January 27 National Chocolate Cake Day

Quote of the Day
“There was an Old Person of Rheims, Who was troubled with horrible dreams; So, to keep him awake, they fed him with cake,  Which amused that Old Person of Rheims.”
Edward Lear, English artist, writer; known for his ‘literary nonsense’ & limericks  (1812-1888)

For all you chocolate cake lovers, today is your day, have a piece of cake that you love to bite in to, because we have the chocolate cake recipes for you to start your day off baking. Enjoy!……

Chocolate Cake Recipes 🎂
Chocolarious.com has everything on chocolates, have a look at the chocolate cakes plus much, much more.

Let’s look at the top 10 Chocolate Cake Recipes……Yummy!

Top 10 Chocolate Cake Recipes on Taste. com


The Best Chocolate Cake Recipes You’ll Ever Make

The best of the best of chocolate cakes, your 5 star recipe

The Ultimate Chocolate Cake Recipe


How to Make an Easy Chocolate Cake

Best Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe
Nolan Noecker

How To Make The Best Secret Recipe Of Chocolate Cake – Recipe tutorial

Betty’s Best Chocolate Cake with Double Frosting

Songs of the Day 🎵
Crowded House – Chocolate Cake (Music Video)

Taylor Swift and the Chocolate Cake song

My Friend The Chocolate Cake/Song From Under the Floorboards

Closing Quote
I don’t feel like dinner’s done unless I have a sweet. I’d rather go for a small slice of real chocolate cake than a bunch of sugar-free cookies. It’s all moderation.
Minka Kelly quote

Have an awesome day and enjoy your cake while your at it! ☺


Phil Lim

Food and Music Blogger 


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