January 15, is National Strawberry Ice Cream Day & Wikipedia Day

January 15, is National Strawberry Ice Cream Day & Wikipedia Day

Quote of the Day
“I doubt whether the world holds for anyone a more soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice cream.”
Heywood Campbell Brown (1888-1939)

The nice cold refreshing of having a Strawberry Ice Cream in the month of January.
Here is a great recipe rated 4.5 stars out of 5

Discover the mouth-watering ice cream melting in your mouth with the great flavor of strawberries.

Another great Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe rated a 5 star out of 5 is called Strawberry Ice Cream Like Ben and Jerry’s……….oh my!


Strawberry Ice Cream: Recipe: (How to Make) NO MACHINE! Easy! Diane Kometa – Dishin With Di Ep. 94

Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 359

Strawberry Ice Cream — Fast & Easy Strawberry Ice Cream – Eggless Ice Cream Recipe – Food Wishes

Yes today is: Wikipedia Day

10 Weirdest Things On Wikipedia

10 Articles Banned From Wikipedia

Happy Birthday to Wikipedia today, without it we be lost as bloggers!
Today I like to add some challenges I had since the beginning of my journy of blogging and what I’m experiencing as a blogger.
“The Bloggers Nightmare” on Hospitality Street by Phil Lim
Here are my top 15 list for not blogging and trying to make it over the hurdle!

1. The BIGGEST hurdle is creating value for the reader
2. Building the momentum to have followers keep coming back and follow my blog!
3. Spelling mistakes and grammar
4. Using key words for search engines and tags
5. Title, title, title ………………. its like real estate, location, location, location
6. Links, Video’s, articles and photos that support your post
7. Building online trust, relationship building and branding
8. Bringing Community awareness and engagement as a true professional experience blogger
9. Building the blog pages, “TRUE CONTENT” They say if you build it, they will come………
10. Freebies ……let me think what can I give away today? To hook them!
11. Making money with my blog? ……..who said this was easy?
12. S.E.O. …..Traffic, traffic, traffic! where is everybody?
13. What’s in it for me, which I mean for my readers
14. It takes lots of my time & effort in thinking, researching, & more researching, any short cuts, tricks or apps that will help?
15. Can’t get enough sleep……..OMG! (One More Go) at this…..LOL (Let’s Offer Love) & maybe everyone will come?

Happy blogging to all my fellow bloggers new and old, good luck, stay positive, stay focus and be yourself.
Also thank you for all those who are visiting my blog for the first time, free added value to everyone who visits and click like, share and follow.
Download this FREE ebook today for visiting: A Definitive Guide To Writing A High Traffic Blog by @Todaymade

Help me reach my goal for 7 followers this week and follow me…… 😉

Songs of the Day🎵
Let’s Do The Ice Cream Freeze By Hannah Montana

The Ice Cream Song – TigerTripp

Van Halen – Ice Cream Man

Wikipedia Appeal DANCE SONG
Peter Coffin

Wikedy Wikedy Wik (The New Wikipedia Song)
Rockin Flute

Closing Quote
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
Bernard M. Baruch

Remember the days you play double dare, when someone ask you to stick your tonge on a pole on a cold winter day!
Forget that, I’ll rather stick to eating strawberry ice cream in the cold weather! Lol 😉

Whatever you do have fun, enjoy your day, it’s to short and expecially these days when the sun goes down early.🌞

Phil Lim
Food and Music Blogger 
Lead by example and never sleep till its done! 😉

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