January 10, is National Bittersweet Chocolate Day & National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

January 10, is National Bittersweet Chocolate Day & National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Quote of the Day
“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”
Robert Frost

Today’s recipes are just yummy to explore, what are you waiting for?
Everyone love’s chocolates and brownies that are bittersweet. Now it’s your chance to make them…….get those ovens on!

Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse with Fleur de Sel

Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache – savannah custom cakes

Oreo Chocolate Cake with Bittersweet Chocolate Glaze
Hallmark Channel

Bittersweet chocolate cappuccino tarts Recipe – Recipe Bunch

Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse

Chestnut Semifreddo with Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce – Bruce Beck

Today is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day!
The weather has been cold most of this winter with some snowy days! This winter you might be paying more for heating cost and energy cost. Today it’s surpose to drop in the minus and get cold tonight, be prepared!

Here are some tips to save some money during hard finacial times.
Easy ways to cut your energy bill this winter – CNBC.com

Save On Energy


Songs of the Day 🎵
Bittersweet Tragedy – Melanie Martinez (Tradução) @iamperrygoso

Busta’s Save It! Song with EDF Energy’s The Pod – Wastebuster.co.uk

Closing Quote
Carefully prepared chocolate is as healthful a food as it is pleasant; that it is nourishing and easily digested; that it does not cause the same harmful effects to feminine beauty which are blamed on coffee, but is on the contrary a remedy for them.”
Jean-Antheleme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826)‘The Physiology of Taste’ (1825)

Keep warm, with some nice bittersweet chocolate brownies, see you tomorrow!


Phil Lim

Food and Music Blogger 


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