January 9, is National Apricot Day

January 9, is National Apricot Day

Quote of the Day
“If wine tells truth — and so have said the wise, It makes me laugh to think how brandy lies!”
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (1809-94)U.S. writer, physician

Since today is January 9, National Apricot Day, why not try apricot in drinks?
Have to try one of these 10 Apricot Cocktails 🍹…… yummy!😊

A good way to sharpen your bartending skills is by doing it!
The good thing about it, is your going to get to:
– Learn
– Practice
– Make it
– Taste it
– Serve it
– & Get Feed back
– & If you are a good Bartender by trade, tips $$$$ and Smiles 🙂

Good bartenders also have jokes or short stories to tell their customers and also may do magic tricks or the lastest thing is flare bartending with flipping and juggling bottles in front and behind their back, this take’s alot more skill and lots of practice. Can make you more money if you have talent to put on a show!

No need to worry if you make mistakes, its all about try and error. Its all about learning and the most important thing is have fun at what your doing!
Enjoy the moment and experience with cocktail drink recipes to get a better taste of the different types of drinks out there and what skill level you feel confortable to determine where and what you want and can do as a bartender.

Bartender Jobs:💲
Service Bartender
Event Bartender
Club Bartender
Pub Bartender
Restaurant Bartender
Family Own Business Bartender
Hotel/Convention Bartender
Resort Bartender
Flight/Cruise Bartender
Flare Bartender
Staffing Agency Bartender
Private Clubs Bartender – VIP
Adult Entertainment Bartender
Casino Bartender
Legion Bartender
& Bar Backs/Runners

Yours to discover!
If I missed anything? Please leave me a comment to add to the list!

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Intrested in learning more on Bartending go here:

More Drinks You Can Think of……

Now for Apricot Food Recipes, One Pager Say’s It All!
<a href=”http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_omh5NVW1jAg/SUbssn8JJrI/AAAAAAAAAsE/x

Songs of the Day🎵
Eva Rivas Apricot Stone lyrics – Wiir Dreii

Little Apricot – Children’s Song (Santez’s Childhood Memories Remix) [HD 1080p] Trance House Society

Lady Antebellum – Bartender –
Lady Antebellum VEVO

Closing Quote
“All alcoholic drinks, rightly used, are good for body and soul alike, but as a restorative of both there is nothing like brandy.” George Saintsbury, English journalist (1845-1933)

Have fun and enjoy National Apricot Day!

Happy Bartending, and be mindfull on your customers when it comes to drinking and driving! Saftey first, save lives!

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Phil Lim

Food and Music Blogger 


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