January 3, is National Chocolate Covered Cherries, Drinking Straw Day & Fruit Cake Toss Day

January 3, is National Chocolate Covered Cherries, Drinking Straw Day & Fruit Cake Toss Day

Quote of the Day
“If I could only have one food for the rest of my life? That’s easy: Pez. Cherry flavored Pez.”
Jerry O’Connell as Vern Tessio in ‘Stand by Me’ (1986)
‘Quotable Feast’ by Sarah E. Parvis (2001)

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Healthy Cooking Lessons : How to Make Chocolate-Covered Cherries

How to Make Chocolate Covered Cherries Recipe

Top 10 Best Ideas for National Chocolate Covered Cherries Day

Chocolate-Covered Cherries Recipe

How to make your own chocolate cover filled cherries step by step instructions and recipe.


Also on this day is: Drinking Straw Day and Fruit Cake Toss Day!



Song of the Day 🎵
Armnd Van helden – chocolate covered cherry

The Superions – Fruitcake

Closing Quote
“That last cherry soothes a roughness of my palate.”
Robert Browning (1812-1889) English poet

Have an awesome day!


Phil Lim
Food and Music Blogger


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