October 24, is National Bologna Day, National Food Day, National Good & Plenty Day & National Crazy Day

October 24, is National Bologna Day, National Food Day, National Good & Plenty Day & National Crazy Day

Quote of the Day
“What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, Poet

It is what it is, today is full of bologna, good and plenty National Food Day and Crazy Day! Hehe haha 

Worlds Best Fried Bologna Sandwich

Loaded Smoked Bologna

BBQ Bologna Redneck steak

Celebrate Your Health On National Food Day: 8 Ingredient Swaps To Help You Prepare Healthier, Delicious Food

Watch “10 Cooking/Food Life Hacks” on YouTube

National Good and Plenty Day http://www.mahalo.com/good-and-plenty-day/


National Crazy Day

Wonder  if its a full moon out?

Or maybe walking dead will be crazy in the new series! lol 

Wasnt that a crazy series , maybe not, not like last year….
Thanks to the Toronto Blue Jays for an awesome playoff run and great year! Come together in 2017! Be proud and hold your heads up!

Argent – Hold your head up

Songs of the Day
“Plenty of possibilities” 

Beyoncé – Crazy In Love ft. JAY Z

Hedley – Crazy For You

Madonna – Crazy For You (Official Video)

Conor Maynard – R U Crazy (Official Video) 

Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne (Trilha do Filme “Ghost Rider” – Motoqueiro Fantasma) Canal CAVEIRA AZUL – CRUZEIRO

Quiet Riot  – Mama We’re All Crazy Now 

Closing Quote
“Never regret anything that has happened in your life. It cannot be changed, undone or forgotten. So take it as a lesson learned and move on.”

Enjoy today’s National Holiday’s and try not to go crazy! 😉


Phil Lim

FFood and Music Blogger 
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