July 29, is National Chicken Wing Day, Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day & National Lasagna Day

July 29, is National Chicken Wing, Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day & National Lasagna Day

Quote of the Day
“Lasagna: the world’s most perfect food!”’
Garfield’ (Jim Davis)

Ok today we have National Chicken Wing Day and July 1st. was Internation Chicken Wing Day, for more wing recipes and ideas click my blog page for July 1st. to see more: https://widgets.wp.com/notifications/?v=20150518&locale=en#https://viphospitality.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/july-1st-is-chicken-wing-day/

National Chicken Wing Day!

America’s 25 Best Buffalo Wings


Purchase your WING IT cap today and check out the amazing sales, great for your kitchen staff to wear on wing days or on a daily base, also make a fashion statement in your bar, pub, restaurant and let all your servers wear it! Or how about just having one for yourself because we know you love chicken wings! 😛
Also great marketing promotion items as give aways, draws, gifts or package it into a family dinner meal special! Its endless so buy today!

July 29: National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day

World’s Best Lasagna

Beef Lasagne (So Easy!) – RECIPE

Garden Lasagna Classico

Chicken Lasagna Recipe

Songs of the Day
Chicken song – [Geco Remix]

Elton John – Sacrifice – EltonJohnVEVO

Weird Al Yankovic – Lasagna – clipmasterz

Closing Quote
“Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral.”
Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect. (1867-1959)

Have an amazing wing of a lasagna cheesy day! Now go make a Sacrifice Cheese Purchase! 😉

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Phil Lim
Food/Music Blogge


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