Price: Canadians were ‘hardest-working team I’ve ever seen’

Canada goaltender Carey Price mention how hard the team worked to win the goal medal, I believe anything you do, you got to work hard for it! Congrats to the Canada Women’s Hockey team who worked really hard in the last 5 minutes in the last period down 2 to 0 in the 3rd period and came back to tie it up 54.6 seconds left in regulation to complete Canada’s comeback from a two-goal deficit, then in overtime on a power play winning goal by Marie-Philip Poulin at 8:10 of overtime to beat the United States 3-2. This women’s team never quit as to them every second of their hard work counts to the end in achieving their biggest dreams in winning GOLD! The Canadian women’s hockey team send a message to the Canadian men’s hockey team to never give up and work hard for every minute you play. Bring home the GOLD!
Mission completed….Way to GOLD Team CANADA, your hard work pay off, congrats to the #1 Team(s) in the World to the Women’s & Men’s Winter Hockey in Sochi 2014 Olympics.

Phil Lim

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It can’t be easy to take the goaltender that won a gold medal for your country just four years prior and tell him to watch the majority of the Olympics from the bench, but that’s what Canada head coach Mike Babcock did to Roberto Luongo. He made Carey Price the nation’s starter instead and Price never gave him a reason to question that call.

Price allowed just three goals in five Olympic games to be named the tournament’s best goaltender. He certainly played a big role in Canada repeating as gold medalists, but he knows that he didn’t do it alone.

“That was the hardest-working team I’ve ever seen,” Price said, per the Associated Press. “I really can’t say enough about that group of defensemen and that overall team in front of me. Our work ethic was what won us this championship.”

As Sidney Crosby noted, the 2014…

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