“Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion.”

July 26, 2013

Social Media tools are used daily by business professionals and self promotion.

Today lets have a look at the 5 most common social media tools and how professionals or individuals are using these tools.
What’s in it for you?

1. LinkedIn: Well today everyone around the world is mostly using LinkedIn for social media, with over 325 Million people signed up to this professional social media website.  Is a professional social media platform that helps individuals to create an online professional profile of themselves for recruiters and companies who are looking for a certain individual with certain skills for a vacant position. It also lets people connect with one another at a certain degree if you know the person by friend, classmate, colleague, or done business together, also by other if you have the person’s email address.
Their is also groups if you are in the same group(s) and I don’t know the person which will tell you to go back or cancel, which LinkedIn; should just ask for an email address in the first place to save you from the hassle. Their is so much that you can do on LinkedIn that is a FREE to sign up, follow companies and influencer people, join groups, search jobs, search people, add projects, publications, photos, receive written recommendations and get endorsed from your connections are the things you can do on LinkedIn.  Grab your FREE E-book today!  Learning LinkedIn From the Experts, How to Build A Powerful Business Presence on LinkedIn: http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hub/53/blog/docs/ebooks/learning_linkedin_from_the_experts.pdf

2. Twitter: Is a social media platform that individuals can twit a short message out to all their followers.
With Twitter professionals can create a business profile to engage with customers and followers to let them know of any specials, promotions, events. It is used as a marketing tool that is FREE and can spread rapidly fast to the masses in getting the word out! People can re-tweet what you tweet. For more new Twitter tools of 2013 visit the link:  http://www.fourthsource.com/social-media/top-free-twitter-tools-2013-13117

3. Facebook: Another social media platform that is used by individuals and business professionals in posting photos, writing on the walls. Facebook has changed over the years which business can advertise their services and products on Facebook ads to entice consumers to click and take them to their websites in hoping consumers will purchase something online. More details click the link: http://www.fbinfluence.com/?hop=justdoit42 

4. Pintrest: This social media platform is mainly a photo posting site which gives people the opportunity to post or collect photos as in collecting on topics they may like and categorized them groups as a online scape book hobby. More about learning Pintrest click the link:  http://about.pinterest.com/  If you need to learn more on Pintrest tools, go here:  http://thenextweb.com/socialmedia/2012/03/04/20-awesome-tools-which-will-have-you-pinteresting-like-a-pro/

5. You Tube: Everyone turns to the world wide web when it comes to watching something on YouTube weather it’s for how to do something or for enjoyment. This video media platform can be used for getting the message out to the masses who view You Tube video’s every day! You can sure benefit by using this platform for marketing products or services that you want to sell through online. Another great thing You Tube is use for is creating a personal brand image of yourself to let the world what your all about.  Here is an example of personal branding video by Phil Lim.  

Also here are another 22 hot new social media tools worth exploring:  http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/22-hot-new-social-media-tools-worth-exploring/ 

Here are some of the best social networking apps:

[INFOGRAPHIC] Best Times to Post to Social Media

Wish you all the best in using social media tools online in a professional matter to enhance your online profile and brand.

Social connectivity, creativity and learning take place through these various media-related experiences.
 Henry Jenkins quotes


Phil Lim


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